The Walt Disney Corporation As
Fanfiction Authors?

Disney Writes Fanfiction? Introduction

This site explains how the Disney Corporation has used original folk tales and historical events and created, essentially, fan fiction. They use the characters and settings of the core of the tales, and often construct completely new plots for their films. They attempt to cover all grounds in terms of religion, culture, anthropomorphizing and, of course, love interests, all the while making films that are suitable for the entire family. Although aimed at children, a number of these stories deal with mature subject matter and thus, Disney completely alters plots, circumstances, characters and core issues, drastically changing the stories. As you navigate around the site, you will get a better understanding of what fan fiction is, how Disney has done this, and view the contrasts between the original stories and those of Disney’s corporation. The songs, animal friends and love interests that are so characteristic of Disney films make their way into each of the works discussed throughout the site


This is a website made for a Religion and Disney course at Memorial University of Newfoundland, submitted to Dr. Jennifer Porter and written and constructed by Alicia Thoden-Richardson. Enjoy!